On this page you will link your page which should contain your book report. Make a new page. On your new page (which you named your first and last name and the book) you will put your graphic novel cartoon. This can be either uploaded photos of your book report or the url address if you used a website (be sure your project ends with a number.)

Jack Wineman-Graphic Novel-Simpsons

Arvin Yaple- Witch and Wizard comic

Elena Pfeiffer-

Joe Novak-

Lily Wasvary-

Nolan Werner-
Ender's Game battle school

Natalie Lewand-
Natalie Lewand Smile

Julia Frykman-


Camy Jeffares- B.B. Explosion

Marki Jennings
Marki's Page-Drama

Madison Jennings-

Katie Finkbeiner-

madison J's-El Deafo

Sam's book report

Kira's book report

Michael B's book report

Michael D's book report

Megan's book report
Chiggers Maya Dunn

Rose's page

Bowen's book report